Book Club Pillars #6

chapters 13-15

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Chapter 13 Jinn

Have you heard of or had any experiences with jinn or other types of invisible spiritual forces?

What are your own ideas and beliefs about things like jinn, demons, angels, ghosts…?

One thing I have especially appreciated about Islam is the physicality of it. How do you experience your faith in physical, tangible ways?

Chapter 14 Outsider

Have you ever felt like I did at the party, left alone while everyone else is praying? Did you want to join? Why or why not?

What do you think about the term “spiritual expatriate”? Does that resonate with you? How would you describe your own interactions with people of different faiths?

Chapter 15 Unsettled and Resettled

In this chapter, I meet Amaal. Oh my goodness, I love this woman! I hope that comes across in the book. She has been such a gift and a delight over all these years. Do you have a friend like that? Someone you can point to and say, I would not have lived her so long or with so much joy if not for you?

One lesson, which should have been self-evident but I needed to learn it, was how diverse Somalis are, how diverse Muslims are. From Somaliland to Djibouti, from individual to individual, we need to encounter people on their unique terms. Of course there are broad strokes of similarities, but also people are fascinatingly unique. How have you experienced this?

What else strikes you from these chapters?

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