Book Club Pillars #7 Zoom Call

today! plus chapters 16-18

Join me on Wednesday, June 23 from 7:00-8:00 pm GMT+3

Topic: Pillars Book Club Zoom 3

Time: Jun 23, 2021 07:00 PM Djibouti

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I have also posted some questions for Chapters 16-18 below.

Chapter 16 Blessed

Has anyone given birth abroad? What was the experience like for you? Were you scared? Excited?

I learned so much through pregnancy and birth and postpartum here. What are some of the most significant differences you notice around birth and motherhood?

How do you handle fear? Do you feel brave or scared more of the time?

Chapter 17 Excluded and Included

Ah the ups and downs of international life. Sometimes it is so lovely and feels so welcoming and other times it just feels confusing and hard. When have you felt most included? Most excluded? How did you respond to each scenario?

What do you think about me praying the salat with my friend? Does that make you uncomfortable? Curious? Did I cross a line too far?

Chapter 18 God’s Names

What are some of the names of God that are most meaningful for you? Why?

Do you use something like prayer beads or a rosary? How else do you remember God’s names?

Have you ever felt that “competitive” sense about religion? How does it make you feel and behave?

What else struck you about prayer and salat in this section?