Books Dealing with Money Issues

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ICYMI here are the two links from the past two weeks

Money Scenarios

When Cultures Collide

This week I wanted to give some resources for helping us think through this topic. I am disappointed in my own list here and am requesting your help. Every single book I have read and am familiar with that deals with money in cross cultural situations is written by a white western male. I want - no need - to hear the perspective of an African, a woman, someone less educated, less wealthy. That is who we must be learning from, it seems almost too obvious to say and yet…look at the list. Yikes. So help me out, what resources are you familiar with that are outside this paradigm?

Also, be warned, none of these books are perfect and I am well aware of their many weaknesses. We need to start somewhere.

When Helping Hurts: How to Help the Poor without Hurting Them…or Yourself, by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, by Ron Sider (when I posted this the book was on sale for $2.49)

Missions and Money: Affluence as a Missionary Problem, by Jonathan Bonk

African Friends and Money Matters, by David Maranz

The Upside Down Kingdom, by Donald Kraybill

Strange Virtues: Ethics in a Multicultural World, buy Bernard T. Adeney

The Hole in Our Gospel, by Richard Stearns (when I posted this the book was on sale for $1.99)

What are some of your book recommendations, or articles, resources, etc, on this topic?