Good News Friday September 10, 2021

sharing our good things

Sharing our good things.

Tell us something about your life in international development, faith, missions, cross-culturally…anything. Tell us something you have seen, heard about, done that is:

  • Good

  • Kind

  • Beautiful

  • Generous

  • Lovely

  • Praise-worthy

  • Honorable

You get the idea. Tell us something good.

Here’s mine:

Tomorrow is my youngest’s 16th birthday. She is our 9/11 baby (link to Modern Love essay - don’t you think they should turn this one into a show?!). Some of my dear friends have their own 9/11 babies. They remind us every year that life wins. Goodness wins. There is hope.

A Good Book

Dakota: a Spiritual Geography, by Kathleen Norris. In some ways, this makes me think about Djibouti and in other ways, not at all. Her writing is gorgeous and she masterfully captures a sense of place.

A Good Episode

Any Schitt’s Creek fans? This week I rewatched the enchilada episode. You know, when Moira and David fold in the cheese. Kills me every single time. Just fold it in, y’all. Fold it in.

A Good City Service

Electricity. Have you ever taken a moment to just be thankful for electricity? If it were cut, I’d bet you’d appreciate it. People in the hurricane zone appreciate it and wish it were back yesterday. We have had multiple hours-long cuts yet again and I hate it. I hate it. Few things can make me as enraged as power cuts in Djibouti. I wish I were more mature. I wish we had a generator.

A Good Event

Shout out to Do Good Better reader Larnell - this weekend, September 12, he is hosting a virtual autism and music event. Check it out here, tickets are only $5.00 and go to support a great cause. Well done, Larnell!

A Good True Post

The Big Questions, by Marilyn Gardner. I love this. It might be funny to link to an essay about going off social media, but she is so right. I’ve stepped back significantly as well (helps when certain sites are blocked!) but not entirely, obviously. How do we cultivate depth, beauty, challenge in our writing? It isn’t be scrolling Instagram or Twitter.

How about you? What is your good thing this week?