Good News Fridays, October 1 2021

sharing our good things

Sharing our good things.

Tell us something about your life in international development, faith, missions, cross-culturally…anything. Tell us something you have seen, heard about, done that is:

  • Good

  • Kind

  • Beautiful

  • Generous

  • Lovely

  • Praise-worthy

  • Honorable

You get the idea. Tell us something good.

Here’s mine: Classes started for fall quarter of my Masters program and I am totally, absolutely, happily nerding out.

School started again for my time to read extra things is shrinking. Here’s a few things I found this week:

Best NYT Opinion Piece

I’m becoming an ever-bigger fan of Tish Harrison Warren’s work. I already have enjoyed her books and now she is writing for the NYT on faith. This was really thoughtful, On the Limits of My Body, My Choice.

Best Book Review

Seeing Pillars alongside these other two books is a huge honor. Three books offer hope for Christian Muslim relationships.


National Novel Writing Month is coming up in November. Are you going to participate? If so, it is best to start prepared, so you can plow through. I will not be joining you, but good luck! And let us know if you do it and how it goes.

Best Book Club

The Horn of Africa book club, of course! We read books by authors from the region or books about the region by others, and we have a great time. One a month. Gotta be local to join, so come on over.

Best Recipe

Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. I made these last spring and some friends told me they were dreaming about them, calling home all the way to the USA about them. I made them again and, yeah, they are that good. I (sort of) use “if it is homemade, eat it” as a guideline about sweets, otherwise I’m a sucker for all the sweets. So this is like homemade candy bars right in your own freezer. Except, they (sort of) a little bit, tiny bit better for you. Think of it as a honey-filled oatmeal peanut butter protein bar. With chocolate. Or, who cares and just eat it.

Best Essay about Middle Age

I loved this essay about being in our 40s by Kaya Oakes. Even if you aren’t a woman or aren’t in your 40s, it is worth reading.

What’s your good thing?