Good News Fridays September 17, 2021

sharing our good news

Sharing our good things.

Tell us something about your life in international development, faith, missions, cross-culturally…anything. Tell us something you have seen, heard about, done that is:

  • Good

  • Kind

  • Beautiful

  • Generous

  • Lovely

  • Praise-worthy

  • Honorable

You get the idea. Tell us something good.

Here’s mine:

The library.

I love my library in the USA. I can recommend FIVE books every month if they don’t have it and I want it or my friend wrote it and I think the library needs it. I do this every single month. They usually purchase 2-3 of the ones I ask for. (Hey - think about asking your library to pick up Pillars and Stronger than Death if they haven’t yet - paperback, hardcover, and audio!)

But I also have a library here. It is hardly comparable and I can’t say I love love it. But it is a library. It does have books so it smells like a library, which is always a good thing. This week I lost myself in the “Djibouti” books section. They only have books in French and not that many and you can’t check out the Djibouti books, you have to read them in the library. So I sat there all week reading, reading, reading, learning history and finding hilarious quotes and pictures of zebras which used to live here.

Here’s my library card

A Good (and free) Devotional Resource

Do Good Better reader, Alyson, has created a lovely resource that flows from her own experience of being trapped in Tanzania by the pandemic. No job, no electricity, no entertainment…! And God met her in the silence. You can download this beautiful devotional here: Be Still - 7 Days of Prayer.

A Good Podcast

I loved this episode of Armchair Expert with Kate Bowler. Dax Shepherd and Kate Bowler talking about life, pain, and faith? So good! Have a listen here.

Somali Clothing

This is a lovely essay about identity and clothing, by a British Somali woman.

A Good Review

Here’s a great review by Friends Journal of Pillars.

Another Podcast

Me and Future Christian, talking about Pillars and also what I would recommend the Pope do…hmmm. What would you suggest?

A Good Book

I thoroughly enjoyed Uprooted: Uncovering the Legacy of the Places We Left Behin by Grace Olmstead. It was a little bit like Dakota, which I talked about last week. I felt such kinship in how she wrote about home and leaving and dreaming of returning, or not. And her writing about land and people is poetic.

What is your good thing this week?