Pillars Book Club #10

chapters 22-24

I am enjoying Minnesota now and have started a 10-day writing workshop through the Collegeville Institute. It is with 6 other fabulous writers, led by Lauren Winner (Girl Meets God, Wearing God, and more). Today we start and I am so excited. It was supposed to be last year but was cancelled. This year it is still just on Zoom but that’s better than nothing.

Chapter 22 Support

In this chapter I look at how some outsiders can’t see the ways Djiboutians take care of each other. How do you see this in your community? The big NGO works compared to the daily care of family and neighbor? What are some practical ways people support one another?

Chapter 23 Gratitude and Unbelief

Have you associated thankfulness with faith before? Have you ever thought about how funny it is at certain times to say “thank you?” Personally, today I went to get some bloodwork done to monitor my cancer. As I left the lab, where a woman had just taken $150 and jabbed with a needle, I said, “Thank you!” You have to admit, it is a little bit of a funny habit. I am thankful, but to whom? It is a good question to ask, as a way of examining our hearts.

Chapter 24 A Widow’s Coin

The experience I recount in this story shook me. It almost sounds like I made it up. I promise, I did not. In the moment, I didn’t think about the New Testament story, but later as I cried and told my husband about it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The Bible had come alive to me and I was the wealthy one, guarding my plenty while this woman gave everything she had to live on. How does one walk a life like this and not be transformed?

Have you ever had an experience that made your holy book come to life right before your eyes? How did that impact you?

What else struck you about these chapters?