Pillars Book Club #11

zoom call and chapters 25-28

More questions for your Pillars reading and discussions!

Chapter 25 Feasting to Famine to Fasting

I love my childhood church. I really hope that comes through in this book. Of course it wasn’t perfect but it was good. I was loved and safe and welcomed and I don’t know a better way to grow up. I’ve heard similar stories from other kids who grew up in this community. And still, to this day, I am well loved by this body. What a gift.

How do you think about your childhood spiritual community? I know my experience isn’t everyone’s, I know there is pain. I pray for healing in those spaces.

Have you thought much about the women in the story of Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac? I’ve often wondered if Abraham told Sarah anything when they came back. Or did she maybe notice and sense something significant had happened?

Chapter 26 Failed Fast

Do you fast? That’s kind of a personal question, right? If you do, why? What motivates you? If you don’t, why not? Have you tried other fasts - outside your tradition? Have they been encouraging or challenging, both perhaps?

How can you bless people outside your faith tradition when they are fasting?

Chapter 27 Night of Power

In this chapter my “Santa” friend leaves me a surprise gift. Have you been surprised by an unexpected thoughtfulness from an unexpected source? Have you been that source? I think we should consider how to uniquely encourage our friends of other faiths.

What else struck you?