Pillars Book Club #9

chapters 19-21

More questions to dig deep into Pillars.

Chapter 19 Give

Have you ever felt like you made a bargain with God? What did you give and what did you expect in return? How did that work out?

How much should we give? What is “reasonable”? Is that the wrong question to even be asking? I loved this video reflection on how much sacrifice is enough.

Chapter 20

How do you handle giving in your context? Do you give to beggars? Why or why not? How do we wisely engage in helping the poor? Is putting that word “wisely” problematic? Should we not worry about being wise and simply be generous?

What do you think of a points system attitude toward giving? One of my favorite things to learn as I researched for this book was the fact that Islam asks Muslims to give 2.5%. Christians tend to say 10%. But in practice, Christians give about 2.5%. What does that communicate to you about our faiths?

Chapter 21 The Hard Work of Unemployment

I was so nervous to sit with these women but had always wanted to know more about their work and life. Finally, I picked a group of restaurant owners and just asked if I could be with them, taking notes, for a week. They thought I was strange but were intrigued and I learned so much. What is something you’ve always wanted to learn about? How could you approach someone and ask about it?

What else struck you in these chapters?