The Missionary Podcast: not just for missionaries

Saint or predator? Are there only two options?

Well let’s get right into things this week. I was going to wait to broach this, but with the podcast dropping, it is timely to explore now.

Over the weekend, The Missionary released the first three podcast episodes and will release one more each Friday for the next few weeks.

The title gives the impression this might only be relevant to people involved in Christian missions but the issues it touches on reach far broader than that. While Renee’s faith plays a part in the story, anyone working cross-culturally or in the humanitarian and development sectors, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Jewish, anyone, needs to wrestle with this story.

From iTunes: “A young missionary named Renee Bach left her comfortable life in America to start a malnutrition program in rural Uganda. Folks back home and in Uganda praised her as a model missionary -- an example of the healing power of God’s message. But a decade later she’s accused of masquerading as a doctor and rumored to have killed hundreds of children in her unlicensed clinic. How did Renee Bach end up here? Is she a case of good intentions gone wrong...or a predator posing as a saint? Hosted and reported by journalists Rajiv Golla, Halima Gikandi and Malcolm Burnley.”

As Malcolm Burnley tweeted:

Before you listen and if you have time, read these two articles:

A Missionary On Trial, by Ariel Levy in The New Yorker

And Protecting Whiteness At All Costs, an Open Letter to Ariel Levy and The New Yorker by No White Saviors on Medium

There is a lot of noise on the internet about the story of Renee Bach in Uganda and No White Saviors, but these two give a pretty good overview of the issues and what is at stake.

Here are the first three episode links. Have a listen and let’s talk. I’ll leave a few comments of my own in the comments, starting with episode 1.

Episode 1 The Lord’s Work

Episode 2 37 Pounds

Episode 3 Good Samaritan

What do you think? Let’s dig into the FIRST episode…


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