What is Do Good Better?

Paul Farmer said, “All the great religious traditions of the world say, “love thy neighbor as thyself.” My answer is, “I’m sorry, I can’t, but I’m gonna keep on trying.”

Annalena Tonelli said, during the war in Somalia, “A new day dawns, God is not yet tired of man.”

We are people who want to keep on trying to love our neighbor as ourselves. We want to find hope with each new sunrise.

We want to help without hurting. We’ve heard the concepts but are vague on the action steps.

We want to do good better. We are people of faith and doubt, both at the same time. We are hopeful and cynical. We ask a lot of questions.

We are not afraid of hard conversations. We do not shy away from topics that terrify us. We are willing to set down our precious, our sacred cows, and be changed.

We believe in transformation. We believe in restoration. We believe beauty, goodness, creativity, and hope exist and insist on existing everywhere and we insist on calling them out. We dare to hope we could be participants in this wild goodness.

We want to cross boundaries: religious, cultural, racial, economic, so many boundaries, because we believe that diversity and other world views push conversation and character growth forward. We believe this must be done with humility and a sense of humor.

Do Good Better is a place for interesting, challenging, sometimes controversial, and always conversation-starting topics about international issues, faith and mission, humanitarian work, and expatriate life.

The links, books, podcasts, and more I share here are not necessarily things I agree with or support. Rather, they raise important issues I believe are worth grappling with.

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Topics will range from short term summer mission trips to the white savior complex, training and acculturation, to funding and foundations, to work in volatile regions and long-term effectiveness, and so much more.

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As a white, Christian, middle-class, college-educated Minnesotan American woman living in the Horn of Africa, I straddle so many worlds.

You do, too. You might have found this newsletter because you work internationally and feel conflicted about ideals, practices in the field, and how to help without hurting. Maybe you have encountered Christians abroad who make you angry. Or you might be a Christian working cross-culturally and are plagued by doubt and confusion and can’t find a safe space to wrestle.

My hope is to create safe space where people can bring their whole selves, no matter their personal religion or professional background, and ask hard questions about how we can do good better.

This might get messy and that’s okay. All are welcome, cruelty or trolling won’t be tolerated.

I am tired of hot takes and stones thrown across boundary lines. I want to dig deep and wrestle. I can’t wrestle alone, that would be weird.

Join me.

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Do Good Better offers curated content: interesting, challenging, sometimes controversial, and always conversation-starting topics. Let's explore the messy middle of cross-cultural life, faith + mission + international development.


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