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I appreciate your questions: What's the image for? And thank you for the links. I look forward to reading more. This is something we think about often. One thing we have experimented with is having a newsletter that is authentically a family update and about things we are learning and seeing in our host culture. It is only sent to people we have relationships with and who have a certain level of understanding about our context. We rarely share pictures of people and if we do it is almost always a picture that our friends have decided to take (a group shot, our kids and theirs, etc) and then shared with us. I ask if I can share it with friends and family. Our purpose is usually to show the beauty and hospitality we experience here. (Taking pictures without permission, let alone sharing them, is a fineable offense in our host country and it is a sensitive area in some people's belief systems - maybe this has helped shaped our level of caution.)

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Thank you so much for bringing this up, Rachel. I'm especially disappointed by how pictures have formed our view of the continent of Africa. Despite having spent just a tiny bit of time on the continent and having made a few local friends, I struggle a lot with my perception of this (vast, diverse, not-at-all-homogenous) continent. I so wish for my own mind and for everyone that pictures abounded of joy, economic growth, beautiful food, creativity, development, happy families, etc in Africa. The images we see absolutely label a country. In the case of Africa, for the worse. Which is a sad loss.

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